Custom Edible Image Jumbo 11.75 x 16.25

Custom Edible Image Jumbo 11.75 x 16.25

Edible Image Extra Photo Fee

Edible Image Extra Photo Fee

Custom Edible Image Standard 8.5 x 10.75

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-Our Edible Imaging Department is open TUE to SAT from 10:30am to 5:30pm.

-We STOP PRINTING AT 5:15pm (unless you already pre-paid online BY 4:30PM).

-We only print images that are PAID.

-ALL images are printed in the order they are received. There may be multiple orders ahead of you, so please keep that in mind when you try to place an order and come pick-it up immediately. It more than likely will not be ready.

ONE Standard Sheet measures the same as a standard sheet of notebook paper. (8.5" x 10.75"). You can get one photo or clipart on the sheet vertically or horizontally. We can optionally print smaller multiple sizes on the sheet (such as cupcakes or mini cupcakes, cookies, etc.) HOWEVER, they will NOT be pre-cut. You can easily cut them with a round cookie cutter or scissors.

IMPORTANT!! We do not create picture collages. If you would like to provide your own and send your file in a document format (word, pdf) we must convert it & can't guarantee all sizing/fonts will remain original. We STRONGLY suggest you convert it yourself (to a jpeg or png file) and verify it is exactly how you need it BEFORE sending to us. Keep in mind we are operating on a Windows System, which is not usually going to translate Apple Operating System files accurately.

1) All edible images should be kept in a Ziploc bag at room temperature.
2) We recommend that you wait to put the image on until the closest time possible to the cake being served or delivered (or the image may sweat, bubble up, or the colors may run/discolor)
3) Remove the edible image from the backing sheet by gently peeling the backing away. Certain image paper requires you to place the back of the sheet on a table's edge (with the image facing up) and rolling the backing sheet over the sharp edge of the table. (Tip: Mimic like you are trying to straighten out a dollar bill).
4) Lay the edible image in the desired position on the cake (Keep in mind that wherever the image is laid on the cake it will not be able to be moved again from that spot, without tearing the sheet).
5) VERY GENTLY smooth the edges or bumps with fingertips, if needed.
6) Edible image should be placed on the icing as soon as possible after icing the cake. A fine mist of water may be applied prior to placing the image, if a crust has formed on the icing (using too much water may cause the colors to run).
7) If the image is sticking to the paper, it needs to be dried out in the microwave on defrost for up to 10 seconds.... if the image is dry and cracking, it needs moisture which can be done in the fridge or the freezer for no more than 30 seconds.

*We reserve the right to authorize or refuse any image reproduction as we see fit.

Images are not refundable or returnable, for any reason. We are not responsible for the storage or use of the edible images once they leave the premises.

For additional questions, please call 757-857-0245 ext. 4
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