EDIBLE Crystal Color Orchid Dust

EDIBLE Crystal Color Orchid Dust

EDIBLE Crystal Color Charcoal Dust

EDIBLE Crystal Color Charcoal Dust

EDIBLE Crystal Color Royal Purple Dust

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1/2 oz Jar: All Crystal Colors are a U.S. certified food color and certified kosher by CRC (Chicago Rabbinical Council). All color is packaged by gross weight (which includes the weight of the container), not by volume. *Please note: colors shown are approximate and may have a slight difference than the actual color product. Uses: Dusting on gumpaste flowers, Mix with vodka or lemon extract to paint on fondant or chocolate, Mix with corn syrup to color icing / buttercream, Mix the color directly into white chocolate, Knead into fondant, Mix with any dry food ingredient to color cake batters, icings and more.

Knead crystal color directly into commercially made fondant. Let set for around 2 hours to develop color. Please keep fondant wrapped tightly in plastic bag. This will not stain your hands like liquid or gel food coloring.

Painting: Mix crystal colors with either lemon extract or vodka to paint on cakes, or cookies.

Mix Crystal Color with dry ingredients to color food items.

Mix Crystal colors with a little of powdered sugar then add to icing, like royal icing. This will take 1 to 2 hours for the color to completely develop. Once color is developed, it will not change colors or fade.

Buttercream Icing: mix ¼ teaspoon of crystal color with ½ teaspoon clear vanilla or lemon extract. Then mix into pre-prepared buttercream icing. Mix Crystal Colors with Crisco to make a paste color, then add to butter cream icing. Also, you can mix Crystal Colors with butter then add to butter cream icing. We recommend if you’re using real butter, use unsalted with no color additives as some butter contains FDC yellow 6.

Mix into candy melts or mix color into melted chocolate.

Sanding sugars or Jimmies may be colored with Crystal Colors. Add small amount of color to sanding sugars or jimmies and shake in a jar. No need to wait for them to dry or break apart after coloring. Ready to use right away.

Crystal colors can be mixed into shortening to paint with as well.

Dusting Gum Paste Flowers: Work color into brush (sable flat shader style brush is recommended), then work from the outside edges in toward the center. A little color goes a long way.

Crystal colors mixed with karo syrup can color buttercream or make a heavier looking paint medium.

Crystal colors can be mixed with vegetable oil for painting on cakes or cookies.

Mix Crystal Colors with Royal Mix then make Royal icing.
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