While they were stationed in Europe during the early 1970's, AnnaBelle bought
her husband (Jim) a home wine making kit. He enjoyed the hobby so much that in 1973,
Jim founded Virginia Winemaker Supply in Norfolk on Chesapeake Blvd. There, he operated the
shop each evening after his day shift for the US Navy. Within two years, AnnaBelle
joined the business by adding inventory of cake and candy making supplies.

In addition to helping in the shop, AnnaBelle began teaching classes. In 1976, Jim and AnnaBelle
relocated the shop to its larger and current retail space on Tidewater Drive.
Once Home Beer Making was legalized in Virginia, it was also added to the product inventory.
In 2018, the Beverage Department outgrew its little corner of the building. Therefore, it
was moved and expanded to the "Annex Wing", where it continues to flourish. At present, we remain
Family Owned and Operated by three generations, as well as Women Owned.




Candy Oils, cake and baking flavors & emulsions, specialty ingredients

Tools & bench equipment for any baking or confectionery medium

Metal and silicone baking pans (including adult novelty), parchment paper, silpats, cooling racks

Cake decorations in plastic and edible, wedding cake tops, hundreds of ready-made icing flowers

Cake stands, cake fountains, cake stairs, pillars, separator plates, cupcake stands

Pre-made icings: royal cookie, buttercream, frozen whipped, and pre-colored buttercream

Bakery boxes clear showcakes, cake boards, paper doilies

Cupcake pans, paper or foil baking cups, boxes, containers, carriers, and pipettes

Cookie cutters galore (including adult), boxes & bags for packaging, tools

Chocolate molds (including adult), hard candy molds, silicone molds for gummies & edibles

Pure chocolate, chocolate coatings for dipping/molding, chocolate for fountains

Clear cello & poly bags, candy boxes, sucker sticks, candy foil wrappers, paper candy cups

Candy apple sticks, boxes, bling wrap, cake pop molds & sticks, injector pipettes, and packaging

Readymade candies for buffets, favors or party tables



Garnishing tools for fruits & veggies, scrubbers, choppers, slicers, skewers

Shakers, sifters, pourers, measuring tools, funnels, whisks, bowls, mortar & pestle

Seafood shuckers, mallets, peelers, knives, baking shells, butter warmers

Egg and muffin rings, ramekins, grinders, graters, mashers, batter pourer

Ice cream scoops, spades, ice picks, tongs, buckets, honey dispensers

Baker's twine, timers, thermometers, chef hats, aprons, food scales, basters

Pizza stones, pans, peels, wheels & bench cutters, handheld blenders

Canning: straining bags, funnels, lifters, scoops, cheesecloth, wrench



Aluminum steam pans, chafing racks, sterno, trays, platters, serving fork & spoon, tongs, scoops

Food handler gloves, hair nets, reusable & disposable aprons & chef hats, tasting spoons

Disposable cutlery packets, plastic/paper condiment cups, to-go cups, lids, straws, cup carriers

Chinese food pails, deli & soup containers, hinged meal trays, white bakery bags, popcorn bags

Paper deli/bakery sheets, hot dog trays/bags, hamburger or sandwich bags/trays, banana boats

French fry trays/bags, snow cone cups & syrups, cotton candy sugar & paper cones, pretzel bags

Parfait cups, to-go containers, paper lunch/meal boxes, sushi trays/lids, fancy toothpicks

Plastic P.E.T. juice bottles, jugs, disposable flasks, mini sample bottles



Beginner starter kits for beer, wine, mead, cider, kombucha

Cleansers, sanitizers, additives, clarifiers, testing, hydrometers, thermometers

Herbs, spices, sugars, oaking, specialty ingredients, flavorings, liqueur flavoring

Grains, liquid & dry malts, flakes, adjuncts, hops, dry or liquid yeast, concentrates

All-grain equipment, kettles, burners, hardware, mashing 'n' sparging, chillers

Fermenters, conicals, buckets, carboys, jugs, stainless brew buckets

Kegging parts, towers, taps, psi line, regulators, faucets, kegerators, kegs

Siphoning, filtering, straining bags, dry hopping

Magnetic stir plates, Erlenmeyer flasks, aeration, oxidation, yeast starters

Fruit presses, grain mills, scales, airlocks, stoppers, bungs, tapered corks

Glass beer bottles & caps, growlers, cappers, bottle fillers, labels

Glass wine & champagne bottles, glass jugs, corks & screw caps, labels, seals, corkers

Glass bar top liquor bottles, closures, glass hot sauce bottles



Bartending shakers, strainers, pourers, tools, cocktail stirrers, picks, shooter cups

Plastic P.E.T. juice bottles, jugs, disposable flasks, mini sample bottles



Scoby, ingredients, equipment kits, books, and tea leaves

Red, white, rice, malt, and apple cider mother of vinegar cultures, books


Custom edible images for cakes

FREE Grain milling

FRESH Decorator's Buttercream Icing

Always FREE Consultation in ANY department

We ship domestically

In-STORE pick-up for customers on the go

GOVERNMENT purchases and quotes


Classes are taught Mid-September through Early June in our private classroom

We teach adults (age 14+) and children (age 7+)

DoD Culinary Specialist Cake Decorating available upon request

For more info, check out our SCHOOL PAGE



Local or National Homebrew Club with Current Member I.D.

Culinary Student with Current School I.D.

Senior Citizen (60+) with I.D.

U.S. Military (Active - Retired - Dependent) with I.D.

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